What to expect

Therapy gives you the opportunity to share your problems and feelings in a safe and confidential space with a trained counsellor who will listen carefully and do their best to understand your personal situation.  The counsellor will not make judgements or give advice, although they may sometimes challenge you and point out the ways that you may be holding yourself back.  The counsellor will be working alongside you to empower you to find your own solutions to your difficulties so that, ultimately, you can find more fulfilment and satisfaction in your life.

Essentially, therapy is a dialogue where both client and counsellor make contributions.  Many people find that, just being able to talk freely to someone who is outside of their day to day life, can be a great relief and can help them to gain a whole new perspective which can be hard to achieve by thinking things through alone.

A single session, however, is unlikely to be enough to overcome the issues that have brought you to therapy and although you may start to feel a bit better after a few sessions, it may well take longer to resolve your issues depending on your needs and circumstances and fully experience an impact on your life. I see counselling as a journey, which takes time and consistency to be effective.

It is important to be aware that therapy is not always easy and you may find that painful memories and feelings may surface as you embark upon this journey.  However, we would go at your pace and you can share your experiences when you are ready.